Rode to Everest

I've done it! It was the adventure of a lifetime that had me ride a motorcycle from Kathmandu to Base Camp on the North Face of Mt Everest and back, we completed over 2400 km in just under 2 weeks in temperatures that ranged from freezing to sweltering heat - the memories will stay with me forever but here's a small snapshot of what we did.

Toyota Racing Series

The 2016 Toyota Racing Series is done and dusted. Another fantastic year and I am sure that least 1 of the contestants WILL end up in Formula 1. It is an honor to be chosen to be the official photographer for this prestigious series, roll on 2017 !! Check out my Instagram page for more images

A day of shooting food

Food photography has always been one of my favourite subjects to shoot, todays job was meat, meat, meat. It was almost enough to make me give up being a vegan!