Bruce Jenkins is passionate about his profession and his art.

Equally at home in the white-hot high speed intensity of top level motorsport or shooting portfolio and collection art images for magazines, Bruce has shot it all.

His easygoing demeanour with clients and subjects enables him to quickly establish a rapport and identify the vision behind the brief.

A professional photographer for more than three decades, Bruce's personal passion is motorsport: capturing fast moving subjects (and the environment they inhabit) in a dynamic style that no one else can match. His mastery of this style of photography has sent him on assignments the world over and he is now completing his sixth year as the official photographer to Toyota Racing Series and the Toyota Finance 86 Series .

Working in the crystal-clear air and harsh sunlight of Australia and New Zealand has lent many of Bruce’s images a surreal appearance. Other locations have lighting that is softer and more flattering to a subject.

Bruce’s talent is to bring these two extremes together to create a truly memorable finished image, capturing the essence of the moment and meeting the expectations of client and subject.